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America has made a lot of press forward in technology and social awareness. However, it is yet backward in the area of achieving equality of race, gender, and class. Unfortunately, discrimination and prejudice stemming from the belief that one nation or race is better than the other is completely much gift in America, especially at the workplace, a area of utmost importance to millions of Americans.

Certain landmark cases partnered to racial discrimination have led to an mass in attentiveness accompanied by American citizens. Due to distinct courageous people who battled for equal rights and opportunities, the patriarchal reduction of view that on your own white men are the leaders in economy and industry and superiors in capability and intellect is quick losing popularity.


The case of Walgreens employees versus their employers is an example of a landmark racial discrimination case. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discovered that Walgreens had been discriminating next to African Americans by denying them promotions and plus by assigning them to low-performing stores in African American localities. back this constituted violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Code, Walgreens had to create a pact of $20 million.

In April 2005, announce Susan Ellston of the US District Court for the northern District of California ruled that Abercrombie and Fitch were guilty of racial discrimination. The retail chain had to pay $40 million as damages to the offended party. Abercrombie and Fitch are now upon a enter upon produce a result to employ a variety of people such as African Americans, Asians, Latinos, and plus women.

These landmark racial discrimination cases can lift the vigilance of people and assist them to produce an effect toward a outfit that is pardon from every discrimination on the basis of color and race. One of the clear outcomes of these landmark racial discrimination cases could be a more diverse workforce in America's leading companies. But the ask remains as to how far it will be booming in eradicating thoughts of discrimination adjoining people because of race, color, and gender.

While some employers are delighted that such cases might bring nearly equality of the races, others vibes that monster motivated to hire people irrespective of race, color, and gender might guide to more resentment among the various classes.